Materializing magnificent ideals & absolute lack of plans

[ Sometimes all it takes is a deadline and a theoretical lemon pie. ]

This comes from younger days when a *theoretical lemon pie* -because I wouldn’t know if I would find it at the local shop- reward would push me to meet the goal. The lemon pie can be whatever works for you; some might think of chocolate, wine, single malt scotch, spritz campari, a nap, a jog, a netflix marathon… Well, you get it. The point is to push yourself to do whatever you are procrastinating away from and actually do it, and do it right. The satisfaction of actually doing it properly will let you enjoy your reward guilt free.

Having actually something to accomplish is also a key point, sometimes we set our goal too broad, making it seem impossible to achieve and therefore leading to procrastination until we figure out how to start, so: Make lists. Create a goal and divide into small tasks that seem affordable, then each time an item in the list gets done, it feels so good to cross it off -and I mean the old style manner, with a pen and post-its kind of thing-.


PS: This post was written assuming you actually agree with the task at hand and that it’s something you feel committed to. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time for you and everyone else involved.

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