Nobody wants to be a hero

Naked truth will seldom make bestsellers
cause’ we like our water: sparkling,
our whiskey: on the rocks
and the truth: blurred.

Exalt Turing, Lenon, Tesla, Da Vinci or Mozart
if a doodle‘s on;
cause’ ain’t nobody got time for that.

Leave it to Peter and Bruce Wayne to save their worlds,
we’ll attend the movies and applaud the explosions.

Leave it to Gandhi, Mandela… Jesus, to save ours;
we’ll tribute and praise the greats when their success strikes our paths
and history has proven them heroes
-never before-.

Busy our minds;
and ask for the water: sparkling,
whiskey: on the rocks,
caffè: latte,
cigarettes: light
and hope we never get the chance to become heroes.

Damon Albarn – Everyday Robots