It is what it is

At my short or not-so-much age of 26
(guess it depends on who’s reading),
I’ve realized a few things:
Life’s not fair and it doesn’t have to be;
there is so much randomness involved that the unpredictable/unthinkable takes place.

It is what it is.
Chaos is a constant re-ordering
-and vice versa-,
but no matter what:
you better play the best out of what you’ve been dealt with.
It’s on you, since that very first breath,
you were born for this.
Probably not,
but I’ll be daring and say that in fact you were.

I’ve realized hard work pays off,
good intentions are rewarding in themselves,
genuine laughter is usually accompanied with trustworthy friends,
the best moments are rarely on instagram,
getaways involving nature never let down,
neither does travel in general
-except on that rare occasion you mix the wrong group of friends-.
Money is great when you have just enough,
otherwise it’s enslaving, attaching.
do some charity; one that you really care about.

Uncertainty is a bitch;
and ever-present.
It’s the mother of fear, stress and anxiety
leads to insecurity,
and ultimately – if unchannelled
to addictions
prescription meds,
unprescribed ‘meds’,
(Self) destruction.

[ At this point just listen to Brothers and Sisters by Blur and you’ll get it ]

One step at a time,

embracing uncertainty,
going with the flow,
even though as mentioned:
Life is not fair,
has not been
and doesn’t show any evidence of being so in the future.
But it’s worth it (?),
for the little joys,
for all the stories,
for every experience,
for all the love,
the pain & inner revolutions,
for every truth uncovered (for yourself, or else).

Because it leads somewhere different from where you started:

Aim far,
plan as well as you’re able,
hope for the best
and surrender:
The only way I’ve known.

PS: A ten years ago me would have though this a better fit:
Alanis Morissette – Ironic

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