One does not simply lose hope

One does not simple lose hope

Some say that hope is the last thing to lose, and there is some reason in that except for the losing part. Since one does not simply lose hope, it is more like a bacteria or a virus that sticks around forever until the last consequences and overcomes the harshest situations.

Hope is like fire. Imagine a flame you cannot just blow out, because it’s so strong and only takes the minimum push to set everything on fire… It is dangerous, and like every fire; needs to be contained. Because there is so much damage it can cause with the naivest intentions.

“Hope … it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective; a lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it’s contained.”
President Snow – The Hunger Games

Hope is a feeling and as a feeling it’s abstract; but it has a time, a tense: Future. And nobody truly knows about the future, so hope is the best we can do.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Since future is by definition not the present, I can know for sure that hope has nothing to do with love, because love can only happen at one time: Present.

You may call me an optimist and recently I’ve discovered I am one of those. Never thought of the glass as half-full or anything like that stupid, but I am definitely not a quitter. Never have, never will be. I’ve always had a hard time giving up on things I start, and it gives great results most of the times. It could be a great quality or my biggest frailty.

For some giving up is a matter of weakness, but on the contrary I think it’s a matter of strength. It takes so much discipline and self-control to accept something is definitely not possible before it consumes you. To back off right on time is a great virtue, but for some reason (hope); we always want more, always wait for a better outcome. Even if a relative is so sick, the business is going under, a job is so frustrating, the house always wins, the Mayans predicted the end… We hope, because what we’re hoping for is worth it. Because if we win, we’d have win so much more than the time, energy, resources and tears that we wasted. But again, would we really win that much?

this is a lesson to learn,
unless you choose to burn.”

PS: I’m quoting The Hunger Games not because I think the movie is particularly good or anything, in fact I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone older than sixteen. Just thought this quote would suit here.

PPS: So no, one does not simply lose hope; either it extinguishes by the lack of possibilities or you exterminate it before it burns everything down.

Kasabian – Fire

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